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Friday, September 9, 2011


by Michael Monks
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Rumors have been circulating for several weeks that Covington Mayor Denny Bowman was planning to leave the office he returned to following the 2008 election. From city staff and public workers to the rest of the elected commissioners, there have been different stories and possible reasons circulating. Recent city commission meetings have found Bowman on the losing side of several 4 - 1 votes, with Bowman recently expressing his disappointment in not only the way city government operates, but also the actual city-manager form of government under which Covington is ruled.

The River City News has learned from a source close to the situation that Bowman plans to leave office at
the end of September, but  the exact reason or reasons for the departure remain(s) unclear. Bowman declined an in-person interview request following Tuesday night's meeting and has not responded to multiple phone calls and emails requesting a conversation. There were rumors that he may leave at the end of the year, or at the end of October, but the September date may be more believable as most of the commissioners told the River City News (though none has verified information that the Mayor will step down) that Bowman has been distant lately.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


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In an announcement today at the Avenue Lounge, the Urban Partnership says more than ten thousand pounds of trash were removed from Covington's streets in August. The group claims that that number is double the total amount collected between April, when the program began, to July. In addition to the trash removal, UP claims to have removed weeds from 202 block faces in August, four times the amount of the previous month. They saw a big increase in graffiti removal as well, washing away 343 incidents of "tagging" compared to 235 last month.

ARREST: Man in Custody Following Fatal Hit-Skip

by Michael Monks
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UPDATE 2:37PM: Covington Police have identified the victim of the hit-and-run as 85-year old Marion Acree of Russell, KY. Though the suspected driver that allegedly caused this fatal crash has been arrested, police are still seeking 33-year old Gutavo Aguilar to whom the vehicle was registered. Covington Police are not releasing exact details of the crash, calling them "investgative matter at this time". We will continue to update.

An arrest is made in Wednesday afternoon's hit and run case at the intersection of Russell Street and MLK Boulevard. Ramino Tomas-Reynoso, 27, was taken into custody Wednesday, after police concluded, with the help of witnesses that he was driving the car that crashed into another vehicle after one of the cars ran a red light.

Ramino Tomas-Reynoso, 27 
SOURCE: Kenton Co. Jail

That vehicle is registered to 33-year old Gustavo Aguilar who is wanted in Campbell County for a hit-and-run, but was apparently not driving the vehicle at the time of the crash. Tomas-Reynoso is charged with leaving the scene of an accident, driving without a license and failure to produce proof of insurance.

He is in the Kenton County Jail.

The victims in the crash, including the one that was killed, have yet to be identified by Covington Police.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


by Michael Monks
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Mayor Denny Bowman's family continues serving the City of Covington as Tuesday night his nephew Joseph Bowman was among sixteen members of the fire department promoted. "Twenty years from now when he retires, he's gonna run for mayor," Bowman joked.

Here's a list of the fire department personnel approved unanimously by the city commission to their new positions:

Brian Bamberger, 19 years of service to Cov. FD, to Assistant Chief
Ronald Stolz, 22 years, to Battalion Chief
Wayne Keller, 15 years, to Captain
Scott McVey, 18 years, to Captain
Tara Lytle, 10 years, to Lieutenant/Paramedic
Mike Lee, 7 years, to Lieutenant
Marty Disibio, 18 years, to Lieutenant/Paramedic
Chuck Spenlau, 21 years, to Lieutenant
Chris Alsip, 7 years, to Lieutenant/Paramedic
Dave Geiger, 12 years, to Lieutenant/Paramedic
Josh Campbell, 6 years, to Lieutenant/Paramedic
John Hofstetter, 10 years, to Lieutenant
Chris Vogelpohl, 7 years, to Lieutenant/Paramedic
Craig Vogelpohl, 6 years, to Engineer
Douglas Veselsky, 6 years, to Engineer/Paramedic
Joseph Bowman, 6 years, to Engineer

The commission also accepted the resignation of police officer Joshua Johnson who served a little more than a year after arriving from Ashland, KY. Approved unanimously to fill an officer position with the department was Douglas Ullrich, a 2003 Elder High School and Xavier University graduate who previously served in law enforcement in Valdez, Alaska. Lt. Col. Spike Jones joked that Ullrich said in the interview that if the City were faced with grizzly or polar bears, that Ullrich is the go-to guy.

Andrew Juengling found himself as the subject of three items on the commission's agenda: 1) accepting his resignation as co-op in Community Development, 2) approving his new role as full-time zoning specialist in the same department, and 3) appointing him to an unexpired term on the parking violation hearing board.

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Sunday, September 4, 2011


by Michael Monks
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Less than twenty-four hours after a man's body was found near the floodwall in RiverCenter, a suspect has been arrested and charged with murder. Dexter Stallings, 47, was apprehended in an apartment on West 6th Street following the execution of a search warrant by Covington Police.

Dexter Stallings, 47, is charged with murder
The victim has not been identified, pending notification of family. Covington Police are also awaiting details from the medical examiner before releasing details on how the man was killed.

Stallings is being held in the Kenton County Detention Center in South Covington.