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Saturday, October 8, 2011


Compiled by Michael Monks
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5 (&a half) Covington places make list of 100 landmarks
Last night, when I posted this entry, I mentioned only 4. I overlooked Devou Park! Bad Covingtonian! Bad! It's fixed now, so click and read which other locales are among the best in all of Greater Cincinnati, and then write on Facebook which ones you think the Business Courier missed.
Riverfront Commons & The Army Corps of Engineers
A public meeting is set for Wednesday to discuss feasibility and potential federal solutions to any issues. 7PM inside Commission Chambers.
In Case You Missed
Insider stories from the search to replace Mayor Denny Bowman.
Brent Spence Lane Closures
More weekend traffic trouble!
Rededication of RiverCenter Plaza
Ribbon-cutting set for Thursday from 4 - 5:15PM. At least the plaza will look nice for whichever company moves in to replace Omnicare.
Mallory Supports Jobs Act
Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory joined other Ohio mayors in backing President Obama's Jobs Plan. Wonder if he suggested to others that one route for "job creation" is to take them from Covington?
President Obama Wants YOU!
...to design a poster for the American Jobs Act. Start drawing!
Davis On Unemployment
Our congressman does not seem to be a fan of extending unemployment benefits.
Fabulous Furs does its part for unemployment
Want to work at one of the coolest businesses in Covington?
See the great work going at the Welcome House
The Pike Street shelter is offering a tour Wednesday at noon. Volunteer!
High schoolers can earn college credit at Gateway
Governor Beshear made the announcement in an effort to help students become more competitive in a global economy.
KY Film Office thanks Clooney
George Clooney's "Ides Of March" was partially filmed in Covington.
Mainstrasse Paw-rade ahead of the game!
That annual event is coming up, but elsewhere more money is being spent on costuming dogs for Halloween!
Tyler-Davidson Fountain Turns 140
Celebration last night in Downtown Cincinnati.

Friday, October 7, 2011


by Michael Monks
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NOTE: I overlooked Devou Park somehow in the original posting, which brings Covington's total to 5.
The Cincinnati Business Courier has released its top 100 local landmarks as determined by its editors and reporters and then by its readers via an online poll:
If you want to know which 25 landmarks ranked the highest, be sure to pick up a copy of the 2012 Book of Lists. The Book will be sent to subscribers Dec. 23, and will be available for purchase for nonsubscribers.
The full ranking in order will be revealed at this year's Book of Lists gala Jan. 19 at Music Hall. Stay tuned for information about how to registered for the party.
Covington scored four (EDIT: five) and a half locations on the list (the half being the Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky International Airport, which is in Boone County but is abbreviated CVG for Covington) while the entire Northern Kentucky Region scored twelve locations overall.

Covington's include (in alphabetical order):

The Ascent at Roebling's Bridge
Via Murilo78's flickr

I love this building (which is why you see it in The River City News's logo) and believe it to be an invaluable addition to Covington's skyline. I know this place has its naysayers but to me there is no debating: the Ascent is a gorgeous building and we are fortunate to have it in Covington.

(St. Mary's Cathedral) Basilica of the Assumption
Via Wikipedia

This is another no-brainer. A near-exact replica of Paris's famed Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Basilica is a breathtaking piece of architecture on the corner of a major River Cities thoroughfare. If you've never taken the tour, do it. There is detail to be oggled at every turn.

Devou Park/Prisoners Lake
Via Smug Mug

I overlooked Devou Park when I originally posted this and that is a mortal sin for a Covingtonian. Of course this place is among the top 100 landmarks in all of Greater Cincinnati -- it offers the best view to see all the other ones! Aside from the cliff that overlooks Covington's and Cincinnati's skylines, the residential neighborhood of Kenton Hills is one of the most ideal living experiences in the region. A park, rolling hills and a golf course as a front yard? Yes, please.

Goebel Park Tower in Mainstrasse*
Via Fine Art America

*OK, so they got the name wrong here, but we get it. The Carroll Chimes Bell Tower (named for Governor Julian Carroll, who was in office at the time of its construction in 1979) is one of the newest pieces of construction in the nationally designated historic district of Mainstrasse, but it doesn't just fit the theme. To me, it defines the neighborhood. It's often the first piece of Covington drivers see while commuting on I-75 and therefor makes it synonymous with our town. Can you think of a better piece to do that? Me neither. Which is why it's also part of theRCnews logo.

The Roebling Suspension Bridge
Via http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/eihd/roebling.htm

This one is also an easy choice. I love when people say, "Wow, that looks like the Brooklyn Bridge!" It gives me the opportunity to reply, "No, the Brooklyn Bridge looks like that." Both were designed by John Roebling (immortalized in a nearby statue) only ours came first. It's nearly 150 years old, but is still a very important connector between Covington and its cousin, Cincinnati.

Other Northern Kentucky landmarks on the list: BB Riverboats (which used to be in Covington but is now in Newport), the Greater Cincinnati/NKY Int'l Airport in Hebron, the Florence Y'all Water Tower in Florence, the Hofbrauhaus in Newport, the Purple People Bridge in Newport, the Rabbit Hash General Store in Rabbit Hash, and the World Peace Bell in Newport.

The full list is here: Cincinnati Business Courier

For more stories, including inside info on the search for Covington's next mayor, click here: The River City News


Compiled by Michael Monks
Updates from the quest to replace ex-Mayor Bowman. Someone from Governor Beshear's administration is campaigning for one possible candidate. Another potential candidate made campaign contributions to two sitting commissioners. A second local businessman/philanthropist declines the offer to explore the possibility of becoming mayor. All the details at the link.
See Also: Carran In Charge as Effort to Replace Bowman Officially Begins

Busy weekend in the COV:
An outdoor screening of 1984's "Style Wars" Friday night. (Cincy World Cinema)
The city's biggest gallery hop Friday night from 6-10PM. (Covington Arts)
Covington Farmers Market Saturday morning. (http://www.facebook.com/covingtonfarmersmarket)
Art Off Pike Sunday afternoon (11AM - 5PM). (Art Off Pike)
NKY's Congressman Geoff Davis writes the President! About concrete. Cincinnati's Rep. Steve Chabot helped.
The Battle of 2 former White House Press Secretaries at NKU. Dana Perrino (President George W. Bush) and Robert Gibbs (President Barack Obama) are the featured speakers at the annual NKU Alumni Lecture Series. It's next Wednesday 12 Oct. Click for details on this awesome event that always manages to bring major power-players to Highland Heights.
Trey Grayson: Bill Johnson is wrong. KY's former secretary of state (and NKY native now working for Harvard) says his fellow Republican seeking to be the next secretary of state is wrong for challenging homeless voters.
Running for office next year? Want to? Kentuckians for the Commonwealth wants to help you.
KY's Junior Senator appeared on FOX Business. Spend 4 minutes with Rand Paul.
Be one of Santa's Helpers! Children, Inc is looking for some good souls to make this holiday season a great one for NKY's most vulnerable kids.
Job fair! The Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce is hosting a diversity job fair at Thomas More College on 13 Oct from 4-7PM. Free and open to any job seeker.
Who should win this literacy award? The Mary Ann Mongan award is given to someone who's made an impact on literacy in NKY. Nominations are being accepted through 30 Oct.
Cincinnati's The Banks lands another national chain. Tin Roof, a Nashville-based live music joint, is setting up shop at the exciting riverfront development.
A member of Kentucky's Bingham family will be in town. Sallie Bingham, whose family published the Louisville Courier-Journal for generations, is in town to talk about her chosen career, writing. "Writing Your Life: Fuction as Transformation" is Saturday 15 Oct. from 11AM - 1PM. Tickets are $30. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011


by Michael Monks
News & Notes from the quest to replace Bowman (all independently confirmed):
  • One local prominent businessman/philanthropist contacted by a city commissioner last weekend is not interested in being appointed to replace Denny Bowman as Mayor of Covington. A source close to the situation who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed that the businessman declined to participate in the process of replacing Bowman. Since he is not throwing his name into consideration, The River City News will protect the businessman's identity.
  • A member of Governor Steve Beshear's administration has directly contacted each city commissioners (EDIT: Commissioner Casper says he was not contacted by anyone from the Governor's office. I've apologized to him for the error and I apologize to you.) on behalf of former Commissioner Jerry Stricker who has publicly expressed interest in filling the remainder of Bowman's term. Stricker, who lives in the Ascent, served three terms on the city commission but declined to run for reelection in 2010. Instead, Stricker threw his support behind Steve Frank and Steve Casper who were both elected to their first terms. If the current commission does not appoint a new mayor within thirty days of October 4 (when Bowman's resignation was accepted) the issue goes to Governor Steve Beshear. The River City News does not know of the Governor's personal preference, just of the phone calls from someone who works in the administration.
  • Local businessman Chuck Scheper whose name emerged as a potential replacement for Bowman and who gained fame in municipal circles for his 1999 "Scheper Report" on how to reform Covington's government effectiveness, supported Commissioners Frank and Casper in their 2010 election bid. According to the online edition of the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance, Scheper contributed $100 to Casper's campaign during the primary and $250 to Frank's campaign in the general election. Scheper also contributed $100 to the 2010 commission primary campaign of Damian Sells who dropped out before the general election.  
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

City Adds 12 Firefighters, Offers Explanation

by Michael Monks
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A very experienced crop of young men will fill the twelve vacancies within the Covington Fire Department, left open following mass retirements this past summer. The hirings come at a time when the city is still cutting costs amid a serious financial disaster, one that was already ominous but is now even more so following Omnicare's announced departure from RiverCenter to Cincinnati and the expected abandonment of Covington by the Nielsen Company from Madison Place.

"This is the third year in a row that revenue has decreased from the year before," said finance director Bob Due. "This is indeed a crisis."


by Michael Monks
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@theRCnews on Twitter

She had already announced her intention to take over the mayor's seat, but 2012 came early for Commissioner Sherry Carran. At least for now. The three-term commissioner from Botany Hills was elevated to Mayor Pro Tem following the commission's unanimous acceptance of the resignation by former Mayor Denny Bowman who stepped down officially last Friday.

"We all have our unique set of skills," Carran said, referencing her fellow commissioners. "Whatever other skills are needed, we will evaluate." Carran will preside over meetings in her new role.

The four commissioners are tasked with naming a replacement for Bowman, whose term is not over until the end of 2012, following the next election. The commission has two choices: appoint someone from within their ranks (and then appoint someone to the vacated commission seat) or go outside the commission. For the first option, the commissioner elevated to mayor would need unanimous support from the other three. From outside, the candidate would need a majority. There is a thirty day window to name the replacement or the issue is handed off to Governor Steve Beshear.

Multiple commissioners have expressed desire to appoint someone from outside the current commission so as not to give any one person an edge should she or he be on the mayoral ballot next November. "We will do what's best for our city, not for just one individual," Carran said.

As for Bowman, remarks from the commission were short, limited to simple well wishes. Public improvements employee Steve Banfield addressed the commission to offer his appreciation for the outgoing mayor. "My coworkers and I will miss him more than I can say. He stands one-hundred percent behind the people who work for him," Banfield said. Firefighter Mike Clendenen also praised Bowman, calling him a great ambassador for the city.