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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


by Michael Monks 
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The Strive Partnership released its 4th annual report this week on progress in the school districts of Cincinnati, Covington and Newport. Strive is made up of school superintendents, college presidents, early childhood education advocates, community & business leaders, and service providers according to its website. To look at the way the data was collected and what Strive's goals are, read the full report here (PDF).
Here are some highlights:
  • Covington has seen a 4% improvement in readiness for Kindergarten over last year. 67% are now deemed ready for Kindergarten (The district's goal is 85% by 2020). Newport is at 72% readiness and Cincinnati is at 53%.
  • Covington experienced meaningful growth in 4th grade reading, 8th grade math, high school graduation rates.
  • Covington saw a slight decrease in ACT scores but a large increase in college-bound students.
  • Covington Partners in Prevention have established goals for the future: 75% of after-school programs needs secured by 2013; By 2015, Holmes High School will increase by 10% the number of students enrolling in college and will increase average ACT score by 2.5 points; By May 31, 2013, mentors will be available to every student that needs or wants one. 
Also, included in the report is information reported by The River City News in August: "Holmes High School's campus will be transformed into an early college high school with each of its 900+ students earning 15 college credit hours upon graduation. The school is being redesigned to follow a career-cluster models -- delivering curriculum around specific career industries to help students see a pathway for their future beyond high school. The turnaround program will focus on school and curriculum redesign, professional development for teaching and advising staff, development of industry-specific training programs, and strengthening hte partnership with the community and local technical college."

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