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Saturday, December 31, 2011


by Michael Monks 
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Here is Covington attorney Bob Sanders's remarks on why he will not run for Congressional seat being vacated by Republican Geoff Davis:
FINAL DECISION: I will NOT be running for Congress. Thanks to everyone who weighed in with advice or encouragement. There are a number of factors that influenced my decision, but the biggest were that if I happened to win, it would require me to abandon my law practice; and it would not have been a very good decision for my family. As I lawyer, I know I can change the world and have a positiveimpact-- even though its usually just one client at a time. There are cases in our pipeline in which we represent good people who are depending on me to be there for them. I can't abandon them. The family impact, too, would be considerable. Being a serious candidate for or member of Congress would dominate my life and require me to be away from my family most of the time. It's the very reason that Geoff Daviis is giving the seat up! Just take a look at my profile picture for one of several reasons I don't want to be absent at this time of my life. I missed a lot of my children's childhoods because I was working day and night to get a career going. I don't want to miss my Grandchildren's childhoods, too. I hope that both parties field good, well qualified candidates--and that whoever wins will work for the good of our Country and all her citizens. I'm sure there is a part of me that will always regret this decision and ask, "what if. . .," but that's just how it will have to be. Again, thank all of you for your advice-- and for being my friends!
The message was posted to his Facebook page. Sanders was recently honored for Lifetime Achievement by the Kenton County Democratic Club. No Democrat has announced a run for the seat that Davis has held since 2004. On the Republican side, State Rep. Alecia Webb-Edgington and Boone County Judge-Executive Gary Moore have announced their intention to run.
Bob Sanders

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