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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


by Michael Monks 
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The victim in Tuesday's night shooting has been identified as Brett Thornberry, who just turned 18-years old. The following two photos have emerged online as family and friends mourn the death of their loved one. No one has been arrested yet. Call Covington Police at 859.292.2222 with any information. 
A male was found dead at 1010 Greenup Street Tuesday evening. Covington Police responded to the home following a report of shots fired around 7:30PM. Upon arrival, a man was found dead in the back of the property. It is unclear whether the male was inside or outside the home. The Cincinnati Enquirer's Janice Morse reports that 1010 Greenup is the same address in which Shawn Davis was brutally murdered two years ago. A neighbor on the block told The River City News that speculation on the Eastside was that the victim was 17-years old, but that report is unconfirmed. Covington Police were still on the scene at around 10:00PM and the coroner had yet to arrive. No further information is available at this time except that the entire 1000 block of Greenup wass shut down and will be as long as the investigation lasts. Much of the block is surrounded by crime scene tape.

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