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Sunday, December 11, 2011


by Michael Monks 
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The construction zone on I-75 northbound at the Cut-in-the-Hill to the Brent Spence Bridge causes a weekend detour right through Covington's Mainstrasse Village. Usually, traffic jams are unwelcome, but these lucky folks get detoured through one of Greater Cincinnati's best urban experiences. And because Main Street has a traffic light at every intersection, the detour can add up to a lengthy visit. Take a look:

All day Saturday, that was the scene: a line of cars stretched across Main Street from the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge south to Pike Street. Hopefully the attractions, architecture and holiday displays will bring these motorists back soon for a visit on foot. Or, maybe a visit more permanent. Not only does Mainstrasse boast some of the best dining and nightlife in the region, engaged citizens are redeveloping former eyesore properties. Sometimes it is a full gut-job, while for others, it is a simple coat of paint. But take a look at some of the good changes these drivers witnessed during their stay on Main Street:
This rickety former eyesore featured prominently at the corner of 8th & Main Streets. Now it is being redeveloped from the inside-out. In such a high-trafficked location, this is an important change for the better.

A simple coat of paint on the walls and trim helped this multi-family pop out of the eyesore list.

If your windows are going to be boarded up, it is best that the boards be painted to match the exterior as recently mandated by City Hall. As this building waits for an inspired buyer, residents and visitors see a much more pleasant structure.

Perhaps the most important development is the work being done on this building. This thing commands attention at one of Covington's busiest intersection but was a complete wreck. Now, its new owner is renovating the building into market-rate apartments with a storefront on the first level. 

All of these images come from the same one-block area. Good things are happening in Covington because of good people that believe in the dreams that they have here. And best of all, hundreds and maybe even a couple thousand extra vehicles drove past Saturday to see that Covington is changing for the better.

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  1. sure do wish that the building at the corner of sixth and main - south east corner had been cleaned up for the occasion!!! hate being negative because there is so much good going on in MainStrasse! and thank you Michael for pointing out all the good stuff - our Village is so decorated for Christmas and looks beautiful!