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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


by Michael Monks 
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Covington's community development department celebrated the addition of twenty-six new businesses in the city for the final quarter of 2011. The news is welcome in Covington as the City prepares to deal with the financial fallout that will follow the loss of payroll tax revenue when hundreds of jobs follow Omnicare and The Nielsen Company across the river to Cincinnati. 
"It's an uptick we're excited to see," said Rebecca Volpe, business relations specialist in the community development department. Additionally, seven businesses are expanding here, seven are relocating to Covington, and two businesses that flirted with leaving the city have been retained. One new business will be a hybrid pub and barber shop.
However, a question was raised about how the City handles press and marketing when there is positive business news. "What steps has the City taken to augment those announcements," asked Commissioner Steve Casper. "Frankly, I see some names up there that I can't tell you what kind of business it is." Volpe pointed to the recent announcement that Granite World relocated from Burlington to Covington. "The City put out a press release and the feedback we received from them was good," Volpe said. "Fox (19) had a great story and they were able to get seven new clients."
Commissioner Sherry Carran suggested that Covington follow a new model presented by Newport which features a business directory on the City's website. Volpe said that Covington is working with Northern Kentucky University to develop such a directory for the website and pointed out that new businesses are highlighted each month in the Covington E-News which she said has a big subscriber list. "We realize that we need to do a better job of businesses testimonials and touting their presence," Volpe said.
Mayor Chuck Scheper asked for a list of the names and phone numbers of the new businesses. "It would be something just to call them and welcome them," Scheper said. "The more we can do it outreach and personal touch goes a long way in thanking them for being here."
  • The Commission unanimously accepted the bid from Century Construction of $63,990 to repair the roof at the Behinger-Crawford Museum which will paid for by funds from the Devou Park master plan.
  • The Commission passed a resolution urging the Kenton County Planning Commission to adopt new subdivision regulations including the new standards for road construction which is opposed by the NKY Homebuilders Association.
  • Five Covington Police officers were approved for pay increases.
  • Chris Meyer was reappointed to the urban design review board.

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