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Thursday, August 2, 2012


by Michael Monks 
The ambitious housing development known as River's Edge at Eastside Pointe will see its first tenants move in mid-April of 2013. The mixed income, partially subsidized complex will be built on the site that formerly housed the Jacob Price housing project. The Housing Authority of Covington hosted an update on the development at its offices Wednesday afternoon where it was announced that the final building still standing from the Jacob Price days will be torn down next week. The Commonwealth's historic preservation office officially released the site last month after conducting an excavation of the land (SEE: Clues to Covington's Past Uncovered at Jacob Price Site).
Two of the eleven buildings are expected to be move-in ready next April, three more in May, two in June, two in July, and two in August when construction will be completed. Construction begins in October. Additional plans for the area include the hoped-for acquisition of several City-owned properties adjacent to River's Edge that would be sold as market-rate housing with negotiations currently underway with the Center for Great Neighborhoods which would serve as the general contractor.
Some revisions to the design plans were introduced Wednesday, likely for budgetary concerns including a reduction in size of the sidewalks from a five-feet minimum width to four-feet (sidewalks will range in size from four to eight feed in width), cabinet manufacturer information was revised to include other vendors meeting LEED and KCMA certifications, door lockset grades and manufacturers were revised to be more in line with apartment grade finish hardware, and the resilient flooring was revised to show luxury vinyl plank instead of linoleum sheet flooring.
Note: An earlier version of this story indicated that Miller was arrested in Taylor Mill, but he was arrested on Greenup Street in Covington by Taylor Mill Police. 
Kenton Co. Commonwealth's Attorney Rob Sanders sent out the following information via Twitter (modified from Twitter lingo):
"Ronnie Smith, 26, of Covington, was arrested (Wednesday night) by Taylor Mill Police, Kenton County Sheriff's Deputies, and detectives from the Commonwealth's Attorney Office. Miller was wanted for absconding parole and escaping a halfway house and is also charged with receiving stolen property (in an amount worth under $10,000) in connection with a July 17 burglary in Taylor Mill. Miller is the second wanted felon captured in the past three days."
Miller is expected to appear in court Thursday morning.
At Thursday night's annual dinner hosted by the Covington Business Council, the topic of boutique hotels will be explored:
Craig Pishotti, Managing Director of 21c Museum Hotels, will serve as the keynote presenter for the 2012 Covington Business Council Foundation/Urban Partnership Annual Dinner, Thursday, August 2 at the Madison Events Center, 700 Madison Avenue.

With 21c opening the second hotel of its iconic brand in downtown Cincinnati this fall, it provides a timely opportunity for Pishotti to tell Annual Dinner attendees what it is that attracted 21C to the region. CBC guests will hear Mr. Pischotti speak first hand of the successes of the hotel, how it aided in the revitalization of downtown Louisville and what it means to our region. He will also talk about how the initiatives the Urban Partnership has launched and will launch can bring innovative companies like 21C to Covington itself.

21c Museum Hotel is more than just a place to spend the night – it's a 90-room boutique hotel, contemporary art museum, award-winning restaurant and cultural civic center nestled in the heart of Museum Row in historic downtown Louisville. With over 5000 square feet of art-filled meeting and event space, 21c guests enjoy authentic Southern hospitality and accessible luxury while exploring the work of contemporary artists in America's only museum dedicated solely to art of the 21st Century. Whether you are visiting Bourbon Country, spending a day at Churchill Downs, or hosting a lavish Southern wedding, 21c is a modern epicenter for culture, activity, and artistic expression. Applauded by Travel & Leisure Magazine as "one of the most ambitious unions of art and hospitality ever undertaken," and hailed by The New York Times as "an innovative concept with strong execution and prompt and enthusiastic service," the hotel is known for its infamous Red Penguins.
The dinner is tonight at the Madison Event Center with cocktail reception starting at 5:15PM with the dinner and program to run from 6:30PM to 7:45PM. For ticket and contact info, click here.

Rendering of 21c Museum Hotel in Cincinnati
State Senator Damon Thayer (R-Georgetown, who represents Southern Kenton County including South Covington) says he is open to trying again for casinos after the effort failed in this year's session of the General Assembly:
The bill’s language, specifically the provision that barred casinos from being built within 60 miles of a horse racetrack. “I like that idea, but the fact of the matter is that there’s a significant constitutional problem with a protection like that. And it cost us a couple of votes,” Thayer said.
A video of this very-good interview is at the link: cn|2
SEE ALSO: Thayer also appears to be open to a change in leadership in the state senate after Sen. David Williams (R-Burkesville) may have overplayed his hand during the casinos debate. For that portion of the interview: cn|2 

Read this:
“Did Arthur kill any dragons with that sword?”
“I’m not sure if he did,” he replies, “but Beowulf killed three dragons.”
The boy describes the final dragon as being able to fly and breathe fire, saying it “was probably a Pterosaur,” the flying reptile that went extinct about 65 million years before “Beowulf” was written.
When asked if those are just fictional stories, the boy says they’re real, as tales of dragons are actually documented history of humans’ interactions with dinosaurs.
Children believing such fantasies as scientific and historical fact is the mission of the man Phelps and I are here to see speak: Ken Ham, CEO of Answers in Genesis ministry. Ham’s “museum” and merchandise empire view dinosaurs as “missionary lizards” that will help entice young people to overcome the influence of a secular and Godless culture, pulling them back to a belief that every word of the Bible is true, the Earth is 6,000 years old, and the scientific consensus of Earth’s history over billions of years is the world’s most elaborate conspiracy of fraud.
Those kid-friendly lizards also make him a lot of money.
Full story: LEO Weekly/Joe Sonka
Senior Services of NKY take over day trip services for seniors from TANK 
Kings Island offering behind-the-scenes tour of the Beast WXIX 
Dead flowers in Danville is a curious case WKYT 
What do to Thursday through Sunday:
The World's Longest Yard Sale settles in for its annual trip to Mainstrasse Village. Come on down any time between 8:00AM and 4:00PM Thursday through Sunday.
Show some love for West Pike Street!
Be sure to stop in this week and spend a little cash at Bread & Spice, Charley Maxwell's, and the Pike Street Lounge. For details on "Love West Pike Street Week" click here.
Goettafest starts Thursday in Newport
Check out this funny video promoting Newport's Goettafest which starts today:

Old Timers return to Covington's Eastside
The 26th annual Old Timers Picnic kicks off Friday at 6:00PM in Randolph Park with Mayor Chuck Scheper offering a city proclamation. The event runs all weekend with basketball and baseball tournaments, entertainment, games, and voter registration. Times: Friday 6:00PM - 11:00PM, Saturday 9:00AM - 11:00PM, Sunday 1:00PM - 9:00PM.
Back to School Kickoff!
Yes, it is already time to go back to school and you can help get Covington kids back in the groove:
Covington Independent School Public Schools is hosting its first "Back-to-School Kickoff," 9:00 am - 7:00 pm on Saturday, August 4, in the Holmes High School Campus. This event replaces the readi-fests that were held at each of our schools. By combining the readi-fests, our district will be able to offer families a one stop event to take care of all their children's back to school needs. Parents and their children will be able to enroll, pick up free school supplies and learn about community services. We are reaching out to Covington's neighborhood associations and other organizations because we need your help with school supplies. While many of us have fond memories of back to school shopping, choosing our supplies and new clothing for the year, this is not the reality for all children. Your donation helps ensure that all our children come back to school ready to learn. If your group would like to participate, the items listed are what we need most: 1) pencils 2) one subject notebooks 3) 2-pocket folders 4) crayons 5) pencil cases Of course, all supplies will happily be accepted. We can pick up your donations or you can take them to the Instructional Support Center, 212 Levassor Place, behind Holmes High School by July 31. The center is not always staffed so please contact us prior to drop off so we can meet you. Please call Kay McConnell at 392-3182 to make arrangements for drop off or call Tricia Dorman at (859)912-4007 for further questions. We appreciate the support and help you give to our students.
Fleeing Felon Obstacle Run
Now this sounds like a good time:
Mother of God Church collects school supplies
From the church:
We will collect school supplies for Prince of Peace School. The items that are especially needed are glue sticks (not the kind for glue guns), Elmer’s glue, washable wide markers, #2 pencils, band aids, wide ruled filler paper, red pens, pink wide chunk type erasers, pencil top erasers, solid color folders with clasps and without clasps, rubber bands and safety pins. There will be bins in the back of church and at the side doors. If you wish to make a monetary donation, please put it in an envelope marked Prince of Peace and drop it in the collection basket. Thank you.
Summer Sunday for The Welcome House Click Here
Austinburg Neighborhood meet-n-greet Click Here 

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