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Saturday, January 7, 2012


by Michael Monks 
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Gary Bauer, President of something called "American Values" ("Your voice to protect life, marriage, faith, family and freedom" - Goodness, with so much under attack, how do these poor souls sleep at night?!) will endorse fellow flag-wavin', gay-hatin' right-winger Rick Santorum for the GOP Presidential nomination. Bauer, who was born in Covington and went to Newport High School & Georgetown College, sought the nomination himself in 2000. It pretty much ended when this happened:
From the Washington Post:
In a statement prepared for release on Sunday, Bauer says that, while there are “many fine candidates” competing for the nomination, none personifies “the Reagan-inspired conservatism that unites the GOP” better than Santorum does.
Calling the 2012 election the most important in a generation, Bauer says Santorum offers a vision of a “strong, growing, confident America.” in contrast to the “deficits, big government, higher taxes and slow growth” that he said have defined the administration of President Obama.
For information on Bauer's time in Reagan administration, click here

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