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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


by Michael Monks 
Joseph Carmen
Covington Police were called to the Sunoco station at 332 Greenup Street Monday afternoon following reports of a juvenile causing trouble. Upon approach, officers stopped Joseph Carmen, 24, who was walking away from the scene. Carmen allegedly provided false information to the police and when an officer attempted to handcuff him, Carmen took off on foot, ran into oncoming traffic and was struck by a moving vehicle. Covington Police tell The River City News that afterwards Carmen became trapped behind a parked car at the Sunoco where he was finally arrested. Carmen was wanted on three warrants that include second degree burglary, second degree disorderly conduct, and a probation violation. Additionally, Carmen was found to be in possession of a bag of marijuana and a grinder used for smoking pot. 
According to the Kenton County Jail, Carmen is being held on combined bonds of $17,500, is scheduled to be released on Friday and will appear in court next Tuesday and Wednesday.

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  1. How is he going to be released on friday 02/24/2012 since bond is set at $17,500.00 cash with no 10% of the bond amount. He has a disorderly conduct from 2 years ago that has a fine of $264.00 or 5 days which would be released on friday 02/24/2012 since he has served five days in jail. If you look at the Kenton COunty Detention web site and look up Joseph Carmen you will see (3) court dates. Monday 02/27/2012 court room number 7A at 1:30P.M. Tuesday 02/28/2012 court room number 5B at 9:00A.M. and wed 02/29/2012 court room number 1A at 1:30. If Joe is released on friday that means the bond was changed to ROR since his family does not have that kind of money or property, H e already skipped out on his sentencing court date 07/26/2011 for the burglary plus two other charges. Probation is for not paying child support from 2011. The new charges is poss of drugs, drug parapnilia, and fleeing officier by foot whcih caused him to get hit. I saw him on the court monitors tuesday 02/21/2012 and looked in good health. Had no problems talking to the judge or walking. Court never brought up the fat that he was hit by a car. He should have just let them take him how can you think you can out run a policeman and why would you give false information knowing they have your finger prints on file. Like the saying goes either pay me now or pay me later so his later has caught up with him. He is a father of 5 children that live in Price Hill. Joe is unemployed and told the court he is an independent contractor still lieing to the court and most likely will lie at the child support probation court date since he has no income to pay child support he lives off his babies momma. Joe babies momma claims welfare in KY and OH. She has family used the childrens Social security numbers to claim as dependents so she is getting a tax refund check on top of the social security check she receives for her disabled first born child plus food stamps which she sells part of them to keep her smart phone at $60.00 a month. Lived with Joe's parents in Price Hill since last Oct or before after he was arrested then they were evicted from KY but she still gives a KY address to claim welfare and food stamps from KY. Use a alias Ohio address to receive food stamps and welfare. Joe also received food stamps. Joe and his girl sell there food stamps and buy food stamps from druggies so they can have cash to buy drugs. Every month the buy and sell food stamps as well as prescrption drugs and illegal drugs. I guess I have vented enough so this man needs to rot in prison for using his kids as pawns to live off of instead of taking his lazy rear and get a real job. He will be 25 in March 2012.