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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


by Michael Monks 
In case you missed this morning's news, the City of Covington wants to hear from the public about its concerns for one of the proposed designs of the new Brent Spence Bridge. More on this at the link.
Addition headlines from this morning:
Covington City Commissioner in Facebook tiff with Erlanger's mayor;  The man who killed and dismembered his girlfriend before dumping her body parts in Covington pleads guilty; Plus, students weigh in on the fight at Holmes that landed 5 in jail. Click the link for those stories and more. 
Several elected officials in Kenton County came out in support of GOP Congressional canddiate, State Rep. Alecia Webb-Edgington. From the release: 
“While the most important endorsement is that of the voters, the broad coalition of support by these twenty leaders demonstrates that our message of fiscal responsibility, limited government and conservative values is gaining traction across the Fourth District. I am humbled to have the support of so many leaders, and I am grateful that they are willing to stand with me in this race.”
Clyde Middleton, Former State Senator and Former Kenton County Judge/Executive: “I am so proud to support Alecia Webb-Edgington for Congress. Alecia is a public servant who listens, considers the facts and takes action. She is a longtime friend and has proven herself an effective public servant worthy of trust and our vote for U.S. Congress.”
Dick Murgatroyd, Former State Representative and Former Kenton County Judge/Executive: “Alecia Webb-Edgington has distinguished herself as a leader in Frankfort by working to achieve positive results without concern for who gets the credit. We need more public servants and fewer career politicians. Alecia is that leader, and I have no doubt she will represent us well in Congress.”
Charles Korzenborn, Kenton County Sheriff: “We need members of Congress who will do more than pay lip service to defending the rights of law abiding citizens to carry firearms and to fighting the war on illegal immigration. I know Alecia Webb-Edgington; she is the kind of principled conservative we need in Congress.”
Gary Edmondson, Kenton County Attorney: “During the more than 19 years I have been honored to serve as County Attorney I have been an outspoken advocate for the lives of the unborn. Alecia has a proven record of fighting for the unborn in Frankfort and I know she will fight even harder for pro-life rights in Washington. I am proud to support a proven pro-life advocate for Congress, Alecia Webb-Edgington.”
Terry Carl, Kenton County Jailer: “Alecia has been a strong advocate for the needs of local government in the area of corrections. She will be a member of Congress who understands the issues and will be able to speak with authority.”
Kris Knochelmann, Kenton County Commissioner, District 3: “Kenton County has been fortunate to have a strong, determined leader representing us in Congress in Geoff Davis and an equally strong and determined leader fighting for us in the Kentucky General Assembly, Alecia Webb-Edgington. Alecia understands the issues at the federal level and is well prepared to serve us in Congress.”
Beth Sewell, Kenton County Commissioner, District 1: “As a wife, mother, and elected official I know full well the measure of commitment that it takes to run for and hold elective office. Alecia Webb-Edgington has been a leader for conservative women in politics, and I am proud to support her for Congress.”
John Middleton, Kenton County Circuit Court Clerk: “Alecia knows and understands the people of Northern Kentucky and the issues we care about. She is a leader with courage and determination who will represent us well in the halls of Congress.” 
More 4th District leaders offered their endorsements, too. See the full list with statements at the link. 
So, this is happening: 

From the clip's description: 
Illegal immigration, crime, the recession, White Civil Rights, and other critical issues facing our Nation will be addressed at this event. Our Nation is in serious decline. It is up to the citizens of this great land to rise up and reclaim our destiny! 
From the Louisville Courant
Callers calling the phone number listed on NSM's flyer will hear a one minute, 20 second recording of White America propaganda. "White America's solution to the problem is the National Socialist Movement."..."We refuse to let our nation become one giant Alamo."

One giant Alamo? SMH. 
Governor Steve Beshear released this statement today: 
“The Constitution affords the right to free speech and free assembly to all, and we will respect those rights, even for this Michigan-based, hate-filled group. This group should know that their ideology is reprehensible to Kentuckians, and that Kentucky is a tolerant, progressive, and welcoming state for all people.” 

Beshear signs unemployment insurance bill:
Governor Steve Beshear today signed House Bill 495, a measure that provides the resources to pay interest owed on the state’s federal Unemployment Insurance (UI) loan and that will save Kentucky employers $600 million in federal tax penalties.
Sponsored by Rep. Larry Clark of Louisville, HB 495 preserves unemployment insurance benefits for the state’s out-of-work families and protects a $600 million federal tax credit for businesses by approving a plan to pay interest on Kentucky’s debt to the federal government. 
Read more here: press release 
Bill allowing reflective tape on slow-moving vehicles becomes law WFPL 
CAF USA is a subsidiary of CAF (Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles, S.A.) in Spain. The company has offices in Washington, D.C., and a factory in Elmira, N.Y. It has produced streetcars and vehicles for high speed rail, light rail and commuter rail, for clients around the world. 

Mary Middleton to receive posthumous honor from NKU Cincinnati Enquirer 

Radio DJ Jim LaBarbra injured in scooter crash Cincinnati Enquirer 
Grant could bring in $60 million for primary care in Cincinnati/NKY region Cincinnati Enquirer 
Audition for MTV at Gateway's Edgewood campus:
Make a change in your life and don’t forget to register for the MTV “MADE” casting call! TOMORROW, April 12th from 3-8 p.m., MTV Producers will be at the Edgewood SSC (790 Thomas More Parkway, Edgewood, KY 41017) to interview young people for their upcoming season. Interested? Stop by Edgewood SSC-Room E104 to register, or contact Sydney Stauter at 859-442-1199 (9 a.m. to 1 p.m.) or at Sydney.Stauter@kctcs.edu 

From Smarter Traveler: 
Countless origin theories abound, but this Ohio River town's name is said to have originated when the flood of 1847 swept away most everything but the general store and the prolific rabbit population. (Insert your multiplying-like-rabbits joke here.) Driven to higher ground, the cottontails ended up becoming a staple ingredient in hash. It must've been about as appetizing as it sounds: There aren't any restaurants in Rabbit Hash serving the dish. 
Read more about it at the link. 
The latest internet meme sensation Texts from Hillary, inspired by a sharp photo of the Secretary of State, finally came full circle when Hillary Clinton got in on the joke after a series of posts like this
Clinton then submitted her own entry taking aim at the site's creators: 
The men spoke with DC's Metro Weekly
"It was sort of unbelievable. Her staff had emailed us yesterday, said that they liked the site and that the Secretary wanted to meet us. They asked if we could come over to the State Department, and we of course said, 'Sure, we'd love to!'"
Lambe tells Metro Weekly, "Because the initial outreach came through email, I think both of us were in disbelief that it was even real. We Googled the name, asked if it was real. I was like, 'Is this a really bad version of Punk'd?'
"It was very surprising to get any kind of outreach from her office, let alone a submission -- which they definitely had to tell us a few times, 'Hey, that really is from her,'" he says. 
The guys decided today to end their short-lived website, but it's still online so go check it out and have a good laugh. Hillary did. 
Texts From Hillary 

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