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Saturday, June 30, 2012


by Michael Monks 
UPDATE: 9:35AM. Kenton County Commonwealth's Attorney Rob Sanders reports that Felix Santos Velez was captured in Cincinnati last night by the Kenton County Sheriff's Office and the United States Marshals.  Velez now faces felony bailjumping charges as well. Original post is below.
Convicted of serious assault charge, man flees trial
Apparently seeing the guilty writing on the wall during his trial for assaulting a man in Covington's Austinburg neighborhood, Felix Santos Velez did not return to court after the first day. More from Commonwealth's Attorney Rob Sanders: 
Felix Santos Velez
On August 21, 2011, Covington Police responded to the area of 17th & Maryland Avenue for a report of a possible shooting. Officer James Laurence arrived and found a 40 year old man bleeding from a serious wound to his head. Officers discovered that the wound was not the result of a gunshot, but rather from being hit over the head with a tree branch. Witnesses said that prior to the assault, several younger females were involved in an altercation on the street. One of the females was the victim's daughter. Witnesses said the victim broke up the fight between the women and was in the process of herding his daughter back into their home when he was struck over the head with the wood. 
The witnesses only knew the suspect as "Felix" but did not know his last name. They did, however, know that he was dating a young woman who lived in the same direction in which the suspect fled. Officers responded to the girlfriend's residence and located Felix Santos Velez inside. Witnesses identified Velez as the man who hit the victim but said he changed clothes. A search of the residence produced clothes that Velez was wearing at the time of the assault. The victim was transported to the hospital where we would be treated for a brain injury. Eventually the victim would undergo multiple surgeries, lose a small portion of his skull, and suffer long lasting brain impairment. Velez claimed he struck the victim in self defense but his version of the events did not match those of the multiple witnesses, who all claimed the victim had his back turned and never attempted to hit Velez. Covington Police arrested Velez and charged him with 1st Degree Assault.

The case was called for trial before Kenton Circuit Judge Martin Sheehan on June 26, 2012. Asst. Commonwealth's Attorney Megan Mersch presented testimony and evidence on behalf of the Commonwealth in the two day trial. Velez, however, had apparently heard enough of the Commonwealth's evidence in just the first day because he failed to return to court for the second day of trial. After a long delay while the defense attorney attempted to locate his client, the trial resumed against Velez in abstentia. At the conclusion of the evidence, and with Velez still conspicuously absent, the jury deliberated for less than an hour befor finding Velez guilty as charged. After a short sentencing hearing, the jury recommended that Velez serve 12 1/2 years in prison when located. 
Judge Sheehan issued a warrant for the arrest of Velez. Formal, final sentencing will be scheduled once Velez is located. Velez is believed to be hiding locally, probably in Covington. If you see Velez, call 911. Do not attempt to apprehend him. He should be considered armed and dangerous.
Others convicted in Kenton Co this week: 

The following people are on the list from this week's activity in Kenton County Circuit Court. Some are going to prison while others got probation or were sent to the felony diversion program. A few more are still wanted for failing to appear in court: 

See what their sentences are along with more mugshots at the link with explanations of charges and recommended sentences from the office of Kenton County Commonwealth's Attorney Rob Sanders.   Some have been sent away, some are awaiting sentencing, and others will get probation. Whatever they end up with, let's hope as a community that they return healthy and rehabilitated, otherwise the cycle continues. Click the link below. 

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