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Tuesday, August 7, 2012



The owners of Chez Nora, Jim & Pati Gilliece, have voiced their opposition to food trucks operating in Covington. Pati penned the following analogy to help explain her position and The River City News agreed to publish it:
Since many of you aren’t brick & mortar restaurant owners, and you may be having trouble seeing the food truck issue from my side, let’s try this analogy: You buy a home, or rather, you have the bank lend you money to buy a home, you spend much in blood, sweat and tears to make the place a home. You enjoy your neighbors. You are happy when new ones move in, even the sexy young ones, and the ones whose offerings are somewhat limited. You still welcome them. You work together and independently to make your neighborhood vibrant. You are diligent, and soon you are able to expand your home. You demolish an eyesore in the neighborhood and make it a truly decent piece of property. You have increased property value in your neck of the woods. 
Then the ordinance is changed and an RV is now permitted to park in front of your home. They have paid all necessary fees associated with parking an RV, and that’s where they choose to park. They have not broken any rules; in fact, the city has welcomed them with open arms. Not everyone can afford to buy a house, or even rent one, so please, by all means, allow the campers, tents and pop-ups. Plus, it has worked in other cities, cities that are hip & trendy, so of course it will work here. What do we have to lose? Maybe the permanent tax base. 
And these new temporary neighbors may be fine people, but are they going to bring a covered dish to the neighborhood picnic? Are they going to help plant flowers so your street can win a garden award? Are they going to buy the declining property that is vacant and put down roots and help lift the neighborhood further. Are they going to look after your kids when they are around and you’re not? 
Don’t like it? Then you should buy a RV and park wherever you want. Basically that’s what I have been told, but what about my old building that I’ve put so much time and money into? Let it become another vacant? OK. If that’s what everyone really wants.
Chez Nora is located at Sixth & Main Streets in Covington's Mainstrasse Village. The Covington City Commission will vote on the issue of food trucks at Tuesday night's meeting. The River City News will have it covered for you.


  1. I do not believe the Gillieces have read the food truck ordinance. If they have, they clearly do not understand it. Not enough room here to write a primer on economics, tandem marketing, fair competition, and free markets.

  2. maybe she ought to look into a mobile Chez Nora