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Thursday, March 22, 2012


by Michael Monks 
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UPDATE: (11:27AM) Covington City Commissioner Steve Frank posted this to his Facebook page: 
We had a morning meeting in the Mayor's office in re the Cul de Sacs. There was a communication issue. DPI, the agency in charge of road repair in Covington and SD1 discussed among themselves engineering the roads when they were due for rework such that they were up todays standards. One of the issues was water entering the bulb then undermining the the integrity of the road bed behind them. That said no one alerted Commission or upper city management. Even if this was required, which it is not, the bulbs are grandfathered. You could not have them today on a new Cul de Sac. Bottom line, all demolition is stopped. we will meet with those affected. If they want there bulb back....they will be put back. This was checked out with the Mayor, Legal, and the Fire Department this morning to make sure this was not a legal or safety issue.
South Covington resident Lisa Placke
The City of Covington authorized the paving of the gardens that sit in the middle of several South Covington cul-de-sacs engineer Mike Yeager tells The River City News. While the process has been halted for now, two have already been fully removed while another is in the middle of being taken out and two others are on the chopping block. Yeager says the decision came about during a city infrastructure committee meeting that discussed parking and other vehicle issues in the cul-de-sacs. While city commissioners are invited to attend the infrastructure committee meetings, none was present and no vote was ever made by the commission to support the removal of the gardens. 
City Manager Larry Klein is out of the office this week but sent an email last night in which he wrote that he forwarded emails from concerned residents to the engineering department. No commissioner was aware of the plans to remove some of South Covington's signature landmarks. Even the president of the neighborhood association, Bill Wells, was unaware. 
The cul-de-sac gardens are a centerpiece of multiple streets and a place for the community to come together for a common cause as demonstrated by these photos submitted to The River City News by South Covington Community Action Association president Bill Wells: 

SEE ALSO: The River City News broke this story last night. To see the original report, click here.

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