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Saturday, March 17, 2012


by Michael Monks 
On Tuesday the Covington City Commission will hear a public presentation on the Diocese of Covington's request for $1.4 million in industrial revenue bonds and will then vote on the matter. "To finance the acquisition, construction, installation, and equipping of facilities suitable for use in furtherance of the educational purposes of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Covington and located within the City of Covington, Kentucky," the ordinance says of the plans. Other matters on Tuesday's agenda:
  • An order/resolution in support of one of the Kentucky Transportation Task Force's recommendations for the reconstruction of Hands Pike from Madison Pike (3L) to Crystal Lake. (The Kentucky House of Representatives passed Friday a roads bill that includes funding for this project
  • Additionally, the commission will vote on a resolution in support of the prioritization of all the local recommendations by the Transportation Task Force for road projects in Covington
  • One road project in which the City disagrees with the state's plans is over the schedule for widening KY-16 (Taylor Mill Road). A resolution will be up for a vote Tuesday asking the state to fund the project in 2012 instead of the proposed 2015
  • The City plans to enter into a programmatic agreement with the Kentucky Heritage Council and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation regarding the Jacob Price/Hope VI project (Only one building of the old Jacob Price housing project still stands because of its proximity to an area of ground that is of interest to archaeologists and preservationists)
  • Four issues involve the funding for Fire Department equipment: Ten cardiac monitors (Cost: $319,000 Funding: $287,100 from a grant and $31,900 from general fund)), a training simulator (Cost: $16,740 Funding: $15,066 from a grant and $1,674 from capital improvements fund), training materials and equipment (Cost: $21,404 Funding: $19,264 from a grant and $2,140 capital improvements fund), nine 4-Gas monitor kits (Cost: $29,444 Funding: $26,503 from a grant and $2,944 from capital improvements fund)
  • Employment will be offered to a new part-time Devou Park Ranger and two interns, a raise will be offered to a member of the Police Department, and an employee is resigning from the finance department
  • The Devou Park Advisory Committee's reserve account recommendations will also be up for a vote 
As always, The River City News will be at City Hall to cover the Commission Meeting for you. 

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