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Saturday, May 19, 2012


Salesman/burgkar busted by alert homeowner
In this week's newsletter from Kenton County Commonwealth's Attorney Rob Sanders, we learn more about the case involving a guy employed as a salesman who broke company policy by going door to door. However, he wasn't knocking on doors to sell his wares. After he successfully hit a home in Fort Mitchell, the case started to build against Willie Williams: 
Unbeknown to Ft. Mitchell Police, the Ft. Thomas Police were investigating an attempted burglary in their city that occurred July 1, 2011. Their suspect also made entry thru a rear door of a home that appeared unoccupied but the homeowner was actually upstairs. When confronted by the homeowner, the tall, black man claimed to be a salesman. He was carrying a case with papers and wearing a name tag. When the owner went to call police, the man hurried to his car parked on the street. An alert neighbor saw the man, thought him suspicious, and recorded his license plate. Upon later learning of the break-in attempt, she provided the license plate number to Ft. Thomas Police.

The car was registered to a man in Edgewood, KY. Ft. Thomas Police Detectives Brad Adams and Brent Moening went looking for the owner at his home. Upon receiving no answer, the detectives stopped in at Adams' former employer, the Ft. Mitchell Police, to see if anyone wanted to get lunch. To Adams surprise, Ft. Mitchell Detective Tim Berwanger had a still photo from the video cameras up on his computer and the man in the video matched the description of his suspect perfectly. Upon inquiring about the video, the detectives quickly learned the two departments were hunting the same suspect.
 Find out how many years in prison Willie Williams will serve in Kentucky (after which he'll serve time in Georgia) along with the rest of the story -- at the link at the bottom of this post.
The following people are among a long list from this week's activity in Kenton County Circuit Court. Some are going to prison while others got probation or sent to the felony diversion program. A few more are still wanted for failing to appear in court: 

There are more at the link below with an explanation of charges and recommended sentences from Rob Sanders's Commonwealth Attorney's office. Some have been sent away, some are awaiting sentencing, and others will get probation. Whatever they end up with, let's hope as a community that they return healthy and rehabilitated, otherwise the cycle continues.  

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